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We now accept Credit Cards

Now that we accept Credit Cards & have changed Direct Deposit details to our ANZ Business account, the following fees will come into effect immediately on the 29th of January:

Credit Card payments will incur a 3% surcharge

Direct Deposit Payments received 2 business days after service will attract a 1.9% surcharge, except UTD Membership Payment, whixh attract a 2.75% surcharge for any UTD Membership Direct Deposit Payment over 2 business days after service and UTD Payment contract. 

Please note: The following are the new Direct Deposit Account Details:

BSB: 014-272

Account Number: 207581041

Account Name: Assist-Tech


Opening Hours over Christmas / New Year

Anybody wishing to use Assist-Tech Services throughout December & January need to be aware that office hours on weekdays (starting 10th December; ending 14th January) will follow the standard weekend timetable of 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM. 

Assist-Tech shuts down for the year on the 18th of December. and we will resume for 2013 starting on the 7th of January.

Once again, as always during the holiday period, we would like to thank Assist-Tech's Clients for making 2012 a great year, and we look forward to speaking with you all early in 2013.

Have A Merry & Safe Holiday, and Thank you.


Changes to your Assist-Tech Invoice design and options...

First of all, for current Assist-Tech customers and non-customers alike, here is an example of the new Invoice design, along with important changes, as well as easier payment options.

Please click on the thumbnail version of the example invoice for the full sized version. We will now explain the new parts of the invoice in detail, including highlighted images of the changes.

The only new details to note in this section of the invoice, is the inclusion of your six digit Customer ID on all future Assist-Tech invoices. As explained later, this detail helps to enable one of the other major updates to Assist-Tech invoice and billing in general, as explain further below.

Nothing has changed in this area of the invoice. Standardised Australian business invoicing format.

As many of you have previous seen this box on your Assist-Tech invoice, you may be wondering. What changed? As an explaination, this example came from a simple cash transaction, so details have been included in the example.

However, if you are an "Up-To-Date" Membership, or being invoiced after work that has not already been paid in cash, the "Payment" & "Payment Date" field will be blank. If you receive an invoice like this, you now have more ways to pay! You have the choice of Cash or Cheque, like before. Additionally, we have now added Direct Deposit and PayPal (Bank Account or Credit Card) as options.

As you can see in the image above, we will be including the eBay GST notice on all invoices, whether you have asked us to make eBay purchases for you or not.

 This next area is a new addition to enable our pay by Direct Deposit option. There are some important details to remind our customers of at this point to enable faster reconciliation of Direct Deposit payments by our accounting department, as well as the inconvience to our customers of having to send payment reminder emails and texts when you have already paid.

The most important part of the Direct Deposit payment process through your bank is the Reference. This is the Reference sent to our accounting department based on the Reference you wrote in during the payment process through your Internet Banking payment. TO MAKE THIS EASIER, HERE IS THE FORMULA WE USE TO COME UP WITH YOUR INVOICE'S PERSONALISED REFERENCE:

  1. The first part of your reference is your six digit customer ID, as seen previously, is located just under the Assist-Tech logo at the top of your invoice. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ENTER ALL SIX DIGITS, INCLUDING LEADING ZEROS.
  2. This is also important: After your Customer ID, please place a single Space before entering the next six digits of your reference.
  3. The final component of your reference is the invoice date as seen in the top right corner of your invoice. Please only use this date, rather than the date of services rendered as seen in the itemised section in the middle of the invoice. If the invoice date was 25 November 2012, please enter 251112 as the date component of your reference.

As an example, if your customer ID is 000123 and the Invoice date is 15 January 2013, Please enter "000123 150113" as your reference (minus the quotes).

The bottom of our new invoice contain 3 seperate pieces of information, 2 of much higher importance than the other.


  1. Direct Deposit Terms: As seen in the example above, Assist-Tech has two standard tiers of payment terms via Direct Deposit. For personal customers, payment via Direct Deposit is required, at latest, 7 days after the invoice date. (Please note that, even when paying your account via Direct Deposit, Assist-Tech may ask you for payment upfront if you have us organise new hardware and software purchases on your behalf.) If you know (or even suspect) that you may have difficulty paying the full invoice amount, please call the office at least 4 days prior to your payment due date, and we will help you anyway we can. For "Up-To-Date" Membership payments and business customers, payment via Direct Deposit is required, at latest, 28 days after the invoice date.
  2. Assist-Tech News: This section has been used previously, only during invoices issued in late November and December to advise our customers of our End of Year shutdown and reopening dates. We have decided to slightly change this, so we can deliver the news our customers need all year round. For this reason, it is refered to as Assist-Tech News. The main details we will put here include special offers from Assist-Tech as well as major IT suppliers that have short term specials (including Apple & Microsoft). We also occasionally personalise Assist-Tech news for specific clients at specific times.

If you require any assistance with your Assist-Tech Invoice, Please call the office on 07 3137 0470. Thank you



The new "No Worries" Guarantee

We love our customers leaving happy, first time, everytime.

That's why we are introducing the new "No Worries" Guarantee.

If we look at your computer, and determine we are unable to help, we will not charge you a fee, at ALL. We will also assist you in contacting people who could possibly fix you issues.

All of this is included in Assist-Tech's famed support record! So, never hesitate when you have a technical difficulty. Call Assist-Tech today to solve your problems.


New Pricing - Effective Today!

As many of you are aware by now, July 1st marked the start of the "Clean energy future" Carbon pricing package by the Australian Government. Combined with the standard new financial year price increases as well as new licensing requirements from GoToAssist means price increases for all Assist-Tech services starts today!

On-Site Support: $69.50/hr inc. GST. UTD Members $55/hr

Remote Support: $44/hr inc. GST. UTD Members $35/hr

Up-To-Date Membership: $92.50/year for 1 PC/Mac. 1st additional machine $10/year, extra machines $33/year.

For full price increase details, please visit our pricing page.

*UTD="Up-To-Date" Membership